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Morning Headaches Sleep Apnea

Have you been diagnosed with mild to moderate sleep apnea, but have difficulty using a CPAP machine and mask? We offer a wonderful new solution through the use of less-invasive, reliably effective dental sleep appliances.

Get all the benefits of proper sleep

apnea treatment

Treatment that's as convenient as it is

safe and effective

  • Proper oral positioning while in sleeping positions

  • Reduction of disruptive snoring

  • Improved, more restful sleep

  • Avoid frequent nighttime sleep disruptions

  • Reduce morning headaches and fatigue

  • Reduce the health risks of sleep apnea

You should never have to choose between comfort and a safe, restful night of sleep. Our specially designed dental appliances are the perfect marriage of comfort and effectiveness.


Stop fussing with uncomfortable, inconvenient CPAP masks and see if our sleep apnea dental appliances are right for you with a personal consultation with our professionals.

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Find a less invasive treatment for

your sleep apnea

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